Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search Pubmed?

You can search PubMed in most cases by simpling entering your keyword or phrase. If you are looking to narrow down your search to ensure you are only recieving the most revelant information you can use both PubMed search operators as well as boolean searches.

MedSubscriber alerts are based on your search phrase. So the better search phrase you use, the better results you will get.

Boolean Search Operators

PubMed applies an AND operator between concepts, e.g., “vitamin c common cold” is translated as vitamin c AND common cold. Enter Boolean operators in uppercase characters to combine or exclude search terms: AND retrieves results that include all the search terms. OR retrieves results that include at least one of the search terms. NOT excludes the retrieval of terms from your search.

Find citations on DNA that were authored by Dr. Crick in 1993:
dna [mh] AND crick [au] AND 1993 [dp]

Find citations on the effects of heat or humidity on multiple sclerosis:
(heat OR humidity) AND multiple sclerosis
Find citations about arthritis excluding the Publication Type Letter:
arthritis NOT letter [pt]


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